Here at Hidden Leaf Collective we strive to bring you the best products on the market. That's why we created these delicious vegan snacks. We freshly bake our cannabis-infused treats using the finest whole ingredients. Our unique process of cleansing our cannabis before cooking it in 100% coconut oil insures our edibles are light-tasting and free of harmful chemicals. Fuel your body and your mind with this shareable treat! Try these treats next time you go to the beach with friends, on a hike with your dog, or your mindful yoga session! 


Granola bars

Berry Crumb

Layers of oats sweetened with agave nectar, raspberry jam, and blueberries will have your mouth watering!

cranberry almond with dark chocolate

This combination of crunchy almonds, rich dark chocolate and real, chewy cranberries will fuel your body and leave you satisfied!

peanut butter & Pretzel with dark chocolate

Grab this wholesome snack when you want something both sweet and salty!


coming soon

Dried Fruit